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Levi - my love =3=

707 - my love ^3^



About MM characters dakimakura, I make a new poll. Because the previous one, It let you vote multiple times (acttually when I check It doesn’t let me vote again but there are a lot of reports it does 🤔 
My friend recommended this site, hope this goes well or else I have to give up 🤐

This poll, it let you change your vote, that means if you change your vote, the character you voted last time will lose your vote to the other, so be careful

I know this is troublesome but please vote again if you’re still interested in having one.

Poll end: 2/10

Also this time the 1st place and 2nd place will get to print (i have more day off next month so yeah XD will use that free time to draw the 2nd 😘

Ah but the pre-order day is different, 1st place maybe this month, 2nd place is April

Vote here~


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anywhere else please do not reposting my art without credit, Thanks.

Other commission

1. :iconantimonesia: deadline 3/27 done
2. :iconantimonesia: deadline 5/19 done

Dakimakura commission closed

more details Dakimakura commission Closed
Hello everyone! As promised I open my commissions again, and this time is Dakimakura commissions XD
-One-sided ,

-Price: $150 (I accept payment plan)
-The payment method:
-I don’t do NSFW
-I do fanart but You are not allowed to use them for Profit. Also please don't share the original file.
-Once I have accepted your commission, I will not start your commission until I have receive full payment.
-I won't provide my sketch and wips
I'll send you a small size with watermark first when it's finished, you can ask me for edit something [limit = 2 times]
-I will send you the large file *300pdi* 9000x3000px (digital file, not actual dakimakura) after I finished your commission.


Note me if you interested~

1. Egressi: deadline 12/25 done
2. Wrathkal : deadline 5th January 2016 done
3. Raypai: deadline 1/29 done
4. Laurelivallo: deadline 3/9 done
5. Ceannaliel : deadline 3/ 21 done
6. MAKINEK0: deadline 4/30 done
7. LycanExorcist: deadline 5/12 done
8. Sollax: deadline 5/31 done
9. Jacks5599: deadline 7/1 done
10. Valryn: deadline 7/12 done
11. Iiliit: deadline 8/3 done
12. PunkPeanutButter: deadline 8/10 done and 8/20 done
13. Yukishi-Adopts: deadline 10/10 done
14. Zyvoxx: deadline 10/22 done
15.PixelatedMas: deadline 10/31 done
16. OpTicWannaBe: deadline 11/20 done
17. Ceannaliel: deadline 11/30 done
18. MSemiramis: 12/08 for 1st one [done], 2nd is 12/16 [done] , 3rd is 12/24 [done] and 4th is 1/1 [done]
19. Sollax: 1/11 done
20. xiao-tuna: 1/20 done and 1/29
21. Under-realization: 2/8 for 1st one 2nd is 2/17 (paid) , 3rd is 2/26 and 4th is 3/7 (waiting for payment)
22. Yukishi-Adopts: 3/16
23. TotalDespairNA: 1st one - 3/15 and 2nd one 3/24
24. MSemiramis : 3/25 and 4/3
25. lynxalittle: 4/12 and 4/19
26. NatsuoxOkami: 4/28 (paid) and 5/7 (waiting for payment)
27. Empira: 5/16
28. PixelatedMas: 5/25

Custom adopt open


1. :iconvespertinecat: deadline 12/15 done
2. :iconpurishira: deadline 6/22 done
3. :iconbio-chimera: deadline 11/10 done


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